~"Pantaloons to Parasol" Underwear Education Show~

 Starting with stocking, shoes, drawers and chemise, Gina dresses herself  (and Lana who is already dressed in Victorian dress, dresses a mannequin) layer by layer, explaining what every consecutive piece of  underwear is and why it was worn. While custom made reproductions of  Victorian or Edwardian underwear are used in the show, extant (a fancy word  for original/antique) underwear is passed around so viewers can see what was  really worn "back then".  Sometimes there are 7 layers of underwear, sometimes  only 5, depending on the eras and the silhouettes that are being demonstrated.  Ending with gloves, hats and parasols, when the last accessory is in place, the  ladies are now able to go about their day!  

Please allow a minimum of one hour  for this program.


~"6 Dresses in 60 Minutes" Mini Fashion Show~

 If you want a little more that an underwear show and a little less than a full  blown fashion show, this program is for you!  6 mannequins are dressed in Six dresses from the Victorian  Era from drawers and chemise to the outer layer, while each silhouette is explained: 1850s & 1860s Hoop  dresses and First Bustle followed by Natural Form and Second Bustle, with the  1890s bringing up the rear.  This is a  fun program where you get a little fashion history and a little underwear history.  The best of both  worlds!  

Please allow a minimum of one hour for this program.


~Dressing the Victorian Lady in Mourning~

 During the Victorian Era, mourning customs were varied and plentiful.  This  program combines an underwear education program with fascinating mourning  artifacts from the Victorian Era (some that are family heirlooms) and the  fashion rules, customs, and superstitions that went along with this season of a  lady's life.  At the end of the show, after all the layers of underwear have been put  on, the dress has been donned, and the mourning veil has been pinned in place,  the Victorian Lady in Mourning is ready to start her day.

 Please allow a  minimum of one hour for this  program.


~"The Ever Changing Silhouette" Fashion Show~

 This is our largest program, presenting outfits representative of 120 years of  fashion's vastly changing silhouette.  Eight ladies model 16 outfits from the  1830s to the 1920s! In the first half of the fashion show, several models make  an appearance in drawers, chemise, hoops and bustles to demonstrate what is  worn under some of the outfits to come. Dresses are then donned and ensembles  that would have been worn in the 19th century are featured.  After a quick-as-  possible change, ensembles from the first half of the 20th century make their  appearance.  As each model parades around in her dress, history of the era and  perhaps what was going on in the country or Idaho itself is discussed.

 Please  allow a minimum of 2 hours for this wonderful program! 


~"Dressing The Victorian Bride" Underwear Education Show~

The greatest accomplishment of the young Victorian lady, and one that she planned for the entirety of her childhood, was making a good marriage match.  Deportment books were filled with pages and pages of the do's and don'ts of everything from how to accept a proposal to what delicacies to serve at the wedding breakfast, while magazines boasted the newest, must have bridal fashion. The event was surround by tradition and superstition.  If she came from a wealthy family, her trousseau, including all of her bridal underwear, would have been specially ordered for the long awaited day.  Our "Dressing the Victorian Bride Underwear Program" demonstrates what a wealthy bride would have worn on her wedding day, beginning with her stocking supporters to the crowning touch of her waxed orange blossom headpiece.  Our traveling museum of antique wedding artifacts lends a wistful and educational touch to the program as family heirlooms and items collected over the years are displayed for all to see.

Please allow 1 hour for this program.


~"Women in Sports" Fashion Show~

Coming Soon!  


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