Hello there and welcome to The House of Whyte! 

 My name is Gina and I am so happy you stopped by!  A very long time ago (when I was 5)  my Great-Grandmother introduced me to the ethereal beauty, romance and grace that I later  learned was the Victorian Era.  Her name was Hazel Prudence Palmer Chriswisser, but we  called her Nonni. She gifted me with my first antiques, 8 Indian Head pennies from the  1880s, and yes, I still have them.  Over the years, she blessed me with many more antiques  and I, along with my Mama, became known as the keeper of family heirlooms.  Precious items  from the Victorian era  all the way to the 1950s have been handed down to me from my  Mother's and Father's side  of the family, and I treasure them and take loving care of them.  Out of this responsibility  birthed the love and passion for Historical Fashion and the stories  behind it.

 My sweet Mama, Lana Walters, joins me on most of our programs.  She loves to sew and  create lovely dresses (she taught me to sew!)  Her Mom, Iva, taught her to sew on a "White"  treadle sewing machine that now lives at my house.   She made her wedding dress, mine and  my sister's wedding dresses, all of my Prom and Homecoming dresses, so has a long history of  creating beautiful garments.  Lana enjoys researching history, historical fashion and tracking  our family genealogy.  Gathering artifacts for our traveling museums, adding to our wonderful  collections with whatever will bring the past into the present is one of our passions!  We love  working together and have a seriously fun time doing it!

 Mom's and my goal and desire through The House of Whyte is to educate those who wish to  know, not only about the clothing that was worn in the Victorian Era through to the 1930s,  but what was worn under the clothing to attain the correct silhouette, or shape.  You can look at  a bustle  dress from 1885 and say, "That is a beautiful dress!" and not realize that there  could very  well be 7 layers of underwear underneath that beautiful dress.  We also wish to  dispel the misconception that the hoop dresses from "Gone With the Wind" comprised the  entirety of the Victorian Era.  The style and silhouette of dresses changed around 9 times in  the years from 1837 when Queen Victoria took the throne until she died in 1901, and we love  sharing those silhouettes with others.  We enjoy sharing the knowledge we have gleaned from  museums,  fashion historians, keepers of family heirlooms, books and yes, the internet, with  others who are enchanted with clothing from long ago.  We are still very much avid students of   history and enjoy learning all we can from the ladies who originally wore these fascinating  pieces of clothing.  These ladies of the past we believe to be the true experts in historical fashion!

 Whatever program you choose, be it the "Pantaloons to Parasol" Underwear Education  Program or "The Ever Changing Silhouette" Fashion Show, you can rest assured that the  fashion eras being represented have been diligently researched and that there will be a few  laughs in store, because laughter makes learning fun!  It is our great desire that you walk  away from any one of The House of Whyte programs having learned something new about  what our beautiful ancestors wore.

 Ever your humble presenters,

 Gina White and  Lana Walters

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